There are multiple questions for a business to answer when considering an MSP. Does the business have all the resources it needs? Is it having trouble finding them? Can it afford the additional salaries?

Did you know it takes 4.3 people to man a position 24/7? Even if the business could afford these 4.3 people, do they have the requisite skills to manage all the resources of the business’ IT organization and network?

Businesses are encountering the need for digital transformation. Digital transformation knows no business size. SMBs and enterprises are all trying to keep up and grow as fast as possible. Unfortunately, digital transformation growth also means staffing deficiencies, missing expertise, and budgetary growth.

Advantages of using an MSP

A managed service provider offers a number of advantages over a business managing its own IT systems. An MSP is managing the resources of multiple businesses and, therefore, has the scale with a lower-cost point, meaning it is often more cost effective to use an MSP rather than internal IT staff.

There is always the issue of the IT budget. The more money the business expends on IT resources, the less capital available. With the MSP, the business can shift IT funds away from operating expenses, thereby delivering greater budget flexibility.

Using an MSP can offer increased efficiency and they usually operate with best practices and to industry standards. MSP’s also perform analytics, and use automation wherever possible. These can be done by the business but, unless they are a really large business, they don’t have the staff, resources, or the budget.

Another value is that MSP’s employ technical professionals with years of experience, that are not always available to the business – or if they are often come at a large cost.

The service-level agreements (SLA) from an MSP can be better and more enforceable than the SLAs that are can generated internally within the business. MSPs also have a way of measuring the SLAs and determining where deficiencies arise. It may even lower the risk when implementing new services.

Finally, utilising an MSP often improves the security, business continuity, and compliance management, making an MSP your prefect IT partner.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Outsourcing to MSPs allows businesses not just to save money and become more efficient, but it also provides the kind of security, scope, flexibility, and future-proofing that enable businesses to be competitive and make the most of opportunities in the changing business environment. The services of MSPs can be particularly beneficial to smaller businesses because having the expertise-on demand (i.e. not having to try and do everything in house) means cost savings and the kind of up-to-date systems that can enable them to behave like a much bigger company, thereby providing greater value to more customers while being much more flexible and competitive.

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