What is Infrastructure as a Service and how it works?


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the foundation level of Cloud IT services providing the basics of a platform through storage, computing power (compute) and networking through virtualisation. Once the infrastructure is in place the client business can install their own applications, provide their own general IT support and security processes around how to access data. 

The benefit of this model provides flexibility around compute resource allowing the business to grow and contract only paying for what is required in a self-contained environment.

We will be responsible for the hardware, security around the datacentre and platform, upgrading the virtualisation and storage networks and remaining in control of the overall resource the client business has access to.

What to expect?

We offer our clients a resilient platform with no single points of failure where we manage the physical equipment, internet connectivity, licensing, and operating systems. Other modules can then be added if appropriate to include security, backups or DR.

“I believe one of the biggest advantages of our new IT provider – Evolve Group, is the option of 24/7 support. As we are in the hospitality sector our systems need to be always available and our clients cannot wait until the next morning for issues to be rectified. We know that no matter the time – day or night, Evolve Group` team will deal with all problems in a prompt and efficient way.”

TIM BOYD, General Manager, Ramside Hall

“Moving to an ITaaS Platform was definitely the best decision we have made regarding our IT systems. Our systems are far quicker with excellent security ensuring data leakage doesn’t occur, whilst allowing remote access to systems for employees out in the field.”

PAUL COOK, Commercial Director, John Cullerton & Sons

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