Many organisations lack network engineering support from the local IT team and as this is a fundamental aspect of all businesses` IT infrastructure, we recognise that more organisations are outsourcing it. With our NaaS offering, we can manage your entire network including the router, switches and wireless access points from the cloud incorporating implementation, configuration, and support.

Once our fundamental NaaS offering is deployed this opens up the opportunity for us to support organisations with secure VPN from remote workers and other business owned buildings.

Offering public Wi-Fi to hotels and the leisure industry, we ensure our system is GDPR compliant. We use a portal to protect the business whilst collecting necessary details.

Another element which we can incorporate into NaaS is MDM (Mobile Device Management). MDM takes control of mobile devices for the business, ensuring certain security policies are followed. If the device is stolen having the ability to remove all corporate information from the device, even if the device isn’t company owned. MDM also has the ability to set geographical zones. This is used when the device goes outside the zone with no previous authorisation. Then the MDM controller automatically removes all data from the device.

“I believe one of the biggest advantages of our new IT provider – Evolve Group, is the option of 24/7 support. As we are in the hospitality sector our systems need to be always available and our clients cannot wait until the next morning for issues to be rectified. We know that no matter the time – day or night, Evolve Group` team will deal with all problems in a prompt and efficient way.”

TIM BOYD, General Manager, Ramside Hall

“Moving to an ITaaS Platform was definitely the best decision we have made regarding our IT systems. Our systems are far quicker with excellent security ensuring data leakage doesn’t occur, whilst allowing remote access to systems for employees out in the field.”

PAUL COOK, Commercial Director, John Cullerton & Sons

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