What is Software as a Service?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an application designed to operate as a cloud service. We will be responsible for the infrastructure and for the actual application provided to the client`s business. Any problems related with both the infrastructure and application regarding the support, usability, maintaining, data integration and updrades are addressed by us. The benefit of this model for a business is the speed of deployment in addition to having no responsability for the software or infrastructure.



Our dedicated team of professionals will make your usage of Office 365 simple, accessible from any device all over the world and most importantly – very effective! You will always have access to the latest software which can also be installed onto a local desktop. Once combined with our ITaaS offering we secure 365 services to your platform ensuring no unauthorised access is permitted and only users who require email outside of the office HQ have access.



Evolve Group provides also and Office 365 Backup because although Microsoft does backup the 365 servers and can provide restores for lost data sometimes this process can be very long and winded. Furthermore, their backups are normally to restore whole services, not individual items. If you choose our Office 365 Backup service you will have the peace of mind that every single item can be recovered.



CCTV as a Service or as its better known VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service – CCTV as a Service) is a fairly new concept in the SaaS world. VSaaS allows footage to be held in a secure datacentre environment setting retention schedules for each camera and allowing multi-vendor viewing from a single pane of glass. All features of the cameras are available from face recognition to PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) control and full alerting allowing focus on cameras with motion detection.


  • Impeccable integration with the tools you already know from Microsoft Office;

  • With Office 365 you can start work immediately;

  • It is not necessary for you to have any IT skills;

  • Office 365 is a really flexible solution for fast-growing companies;

  • Estimated monthly costs.

“I believe one of the biggest advantages of our new IT provider – Evolve Group, is the option of 24/7 support. As we are in the hospitality sector our systems need to be always available and our clients cannot wait until the next morning for issues to be rectified. We know that no matter the time – day or night, Evolve Group` team will deal with all problems in a prompt and efficient way.”

TIM BOYD, General Manager, Ramside Hall

“Moving to an ITaaS Platform was definitely the best decision we have made regarding our IT systems. Our systems are far quicker with excellent security ensuring data leakage doesn’t occur, whilst allowing remote access to systems for employees out in the field.”

PAUL COOK, Commercial Director, John Cullerton & Sons

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