What is IT as a Service and how it works?

ITaaS (IT as a Service) also can be called a Private Cloud Platform (PCP), an operational delivery model for providing IT Services to businesses in a variety of consumption models with the option of selecting all modules in order to provide a fully inclusive IT platform.

As a minimum, we can deliver the infrastructure, applications, and security with wrap around support providing more than a traditional IT support service but still leaving flexibility around certain aspects.

Once all modules are selected the inclusive platform sees a business fully protected and we will take responsibility for most aspects of the platform for you.

Benefits of using IT as a Service Model

  • The ITaaS model moves all data within the business into the datacentre leaving nothing on local devices either mobile

    or even within the organisation’s physical buildings;

  • All connections to the infrastructure are secured through VPN connections making the platform exceptionally secure;

  • Data is accessible from anywhere in the world at any time;

  • Expenses are regular and always predictable as the business pays only for the resources being used;

  • Services are constantly monitored;

  • The security and integrity of the data is significantly increased and backup of all data is easier to guarantee;

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) is available if a major disaster hits the primary datacentre. The organisation

    can be restored and business resumed from our secondary datacentre.

“I believe one of the biggest advantages of our new IT provider – Evolve Group, is the option of 24/7 support. As we are in the hospitality sector our systems need to be always available and our clients cannot wait until the next morning for issues to be rectified. We know that no matter the time – day or night, Evolve Group` team will deal with all problems in a prompt and efficient way.”

TIM BOYD, General Manager, Ramside Hall

“Moving to an ITaaS Platform was definitely the best decision we have made regarding our IT systems. Our systems are far quicker with excellent security ensuring data leakage doesn’t occur, whilst allowing remote access to systems for employees out in the field.”

PAUL COOK, Commercial Director, John Cullerton & Sons

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